Monday, 12 March 2012

Peter celebrates £25,000 lottery win

L-R, Dr Emma Rowland, Superdraw winner Peter Drye and critical care paramedic Jon Sanders

A Ewell grandfather popped open a bottle of champagne and sang Cliff Richard’s Congratulations after winning the jackpot in Surrey Air Ambulance’s charity lottery.

Peter Drye, 78, toasted his win with a glass of bubbly as he visited the helicopter base at Dunsfold to collect his giant cheque.

He won the top prize in the Superdraw with random numbers 4, 17, 33 and 35 as the jackpot rolled over to the maximum amount.

He said: “I thought it was a wind-up at first but it worked out remarkably well because my daughter has just got married and bought a house so I lent her £25,000.

“It was my lucky day to then win that amount three weeks later. I’ve not really given any serious thought as to how to spend it but I’ve always wanted to do a tour of the United States.”

Peter’s biggest win until now was £750 on the football pools in 1953 when and his work colleagues were just one point away from winning £40,000.

The grandfather-of-five was among the first apprentice engineers at Hawker Aircraft Ltd at Dunsfold in 1954 and also helped repair Hunters.

Last week (March 6th), he returned to the aerodrome with fellow volunteers at Brooklands Museum where the aircraft enthusiasts are currently involved in re-building a Hurricane.

They met Surrey Air Ambulance Pilot Captain Pete Driver, Dr Emma Rowland and critical care paramedic Jon Sanders who gave them a guided tour of the life-saving helicopter.

Surrey Air Ambulance’s regular lottery costs just £1 a week with 12 weekly winners of amounts ranging from £25 to £1,000.

For an extra £1 a week, players can join the Superdraw which has a maximum jackpot of £25,000 – a life-changing amount.

The charity has also launched scratchcards which cost £1 each and are available to purchase from the charity’s website Prizes range from £1 to £1,000 but players must be aged over 16.

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