Monday, 30 April 2012

Be a winner in Air Ambulance lottery

A West Ewell woman has scooped the top prize of £1,000 in Surrey Air Ambulance’s regular lottery.

Sue Osborne, of Gatley Avenue, joined the life-saving charity’s lottery in September 2010 and won the jackpot in last Wednesday’s draw.

She said: “I had a small disaster that morning with rain coming through the roof so this win really made my day.

“I’ve never won anything substantial before apart from raffle prizes but this must be my lucky month because I won £25 in Premium Bonds for the first time ever in 30 years.”

Surrey Air Ambulance’s regular lottery costs just £1 a week with 12 weekly winners of amounts ranging from £25 to £1,000.

The charity also has a Superdraw, which costs an additional £1 a week, and the maximum jackpot is £25,000 – a life-changing amount.

There was no winner in last week’s Superdraw which rolled over to £11,809. To join, call 01622 833808.

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