Monday, 30 April 2012

Ruth returns from arctic adventure

A Walton cub leader has completed a challenge of a lifetime by dog sledding through Sweden in a charity adventure for Surrey Air Ambulance.

Ruth Warden, from Shepperton, guided her own team of huskies in a week-long expedition through 200kms of snow-covered forests and mountains last month.

At night she used her scouting skills to set up camp near traditional Sami villages, chopped wood to make fires and cooked her own food including reindeer stew.

The 40-year-old kept a diary of her epic journey as she witnessed the magnificent Northern Lights and braved temperatures of minus 19 degrees.

On day two she wrote: “We feed the dogs. This involves making a fire to heat up water, using an axe to break up the mince, pouring the hot water over the meat to thaw it out, adding some pellets and then blocks of snow to cool it down.

“After every dog is fed there is a grand howl of satisfaction and it was a sound I grew to love during the week.”

On day three she wrote: “It’s very easy to lose yourself in your thoughts when sledding as all you hear is the sound of snow being pressed by the sled and the dogs panting.

“On the straights, you can get too relaxed and lose concentration. This means you either crash into the person in front of you, don’t realise a bend is coming up or that a hill has appeared.”

Ruth is a cub leader for 9th Walton Air Scouts and was inspired to raise funds for Surrey Air Ambulance after a local postman was rescued by the helicopter.

She is aiming to raise £4,150 for the life-saving charity and is just £970 short of her fundraising target.

If you would like to sponsor Ruth text Sled71, followed by the amount to 70070 or go to

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