Monday, 28 January 2013

Freight firm helps save lives with..Bubble Wrap

A road haulage business has renewed its partnership with Kent, Surrey & Sussex Air Ambulance by supplying the charity with Bubble Wrap - a vital life-saving piece of equipment.

 For the second successive year, family-run Sussex Transport will provide a year’s supply of the plastic sheeting which is used to keep each patient warm on their journey to hospital.

Air Ambulance Head of Corporate Relations Cheryl Johnson said: “It has been discovered that traumatised patients, even in very hot environments, lose their body heat rapidly.

“When this happens blood clotting takes longer and Bubble Wrap provides the most effective means of preserving body heat. It can therefore make the difference between bleeding to death and survival.”

Sussex Transport specializes in the movement and storage of high value, time critical, sensitive and fragile freight.

It uses Bubble Wrap for packaging a variety of loads including bathroom and kitchen products, glass, electronics and machinery – but one roll will also cover 60 Air Ambulance patients.

Managing director Damian Pulford said: “Who would have thought that the humble sheet of plastic with air bubbles that we all love to pop and stamp on for fun, can actually save a life.

“Our drivers spend a lot of their time out on the roads and more than 40 per cent of the Air Ambulance’s call-outs are to road traffic collisions so it made perfect sense to support them in this way.”

Sussex Transport’s head office is based in Lancing, West Sussex, but also has divisions which include Kent Road Haulage and Surrey Road Haulage with a fleet of more than 30 vehicles which are branded with the Air Ambulance logo.

Cheryl added: “We are delighted that Sussex Transport is supporting us for another year and this is a perfect example of how businesses can work in partnership with the Air Ambulance.

“They can really make a difference whether it’s through donations, employee and customer fundraising or valuable gifts like Bubble Wrap.”

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