Hempstead Valley supports Air Ambulance

Photo 1: L-R, Hempstead Valley Shopping Centre manager Mark Rumfitt, Kent, Surrey & Sussex Air Ambulance paramedic Sloane Phillips, Pilot, Captain Kevin Goddard and Dr Mamoun Abu-Habsa, and Hempstead Valley marketing manager Susan Button.

Photo 2: Austin Powers girls at last year’s Cool Britannia-themed Festival of Transport       

Staff and shoppers at Hempstead Valley have helped raised more than £4,600 for life-saving charity Kent, Surrey & Sussex Air Ambulance.

The funds have been raised from the shopping centre’s Festival of Transport since the event started in 2010, and its Christmas Wishing Well where visitors can donate their loose change.

The centre was inspired to choose the Air Ambulance as its Charity of the Year after volunteer Dennis Ines helped organise a classic car show as part of the festival.

Manager Mark Rumfitt said: “Due to Dennis’ dedication, we decided to support this worthwhile cause as they make a real difference within our community and they rely solely on voluntary donations.

Hempstead Valley considers community involvement to be an essential role and we take great pride in the financial support we are able to offer our chosen charity.”

Each call-out of the Air Ambulance costs about £2,500 so the sum raised will help fund two potentially life-saving missions.

Mark and colleague Susan Button recently visited the helicopter base at Marden to present their cheque and were given a tour by the pilot, doctor and paramedic.


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