Monday, 22 July 2013

Brainbox Barry stars in TV quiz show

Photo: Phoenix Tavern landlord David Selves, Air Ambulance Paramedic Jez Harwood, Shaun Williamson and Air Ambulance doctor Alistair Rennie pictured at the Air Ambulance base in May. Photo courtesy of Ian Read.

A former EastEnders star will be among the celebrities vying to win a TV quiz show this Sunday (July 28th), to raise funds for Kent, Surrey & Sussex Air Ambulance.

Selling-based actor Shaun Williamson, who played Barry Evans, will pit his wits against Coronation Street actress Jenny McAlpine and Birds of a Feather star Pauline Quirke in a bid to scoop a jackpot of £20,000 for their chosen charity.

A game of knowledge, skill and tactics, ITV1’s Tipping Point is based around a machine filled with counters worth thousands of pounds.

Players must answer questions to win turns on the machine but if they get one wrong the machine won’t pay out and the contestant with the least amount of cash at the end is eliminated.

Shaun will attempt to tame the mechanical marvel in a new prime-time celebrity special called Lucky Stars which sees the value of the counters double to £100 and the jackpot rise to £20,000.

Shaun previously won £1,500 on BBC quiz show Pointless Celebrities which he donated to the Air Ambulance.

In May, he visited the helicopter base at Marden to meet the doctor and paramedic and has also agreed to be the patron for a masked ball in aid of the charity at the Phoenix Tavern in Faversham, on October 26.

He said: “It's always a pleasure to help out the Kent, Surrey &Sussex Air Ambulance. They are self-funded and are always in need of donations so just to play a small part in this is the least I can do. We all might need them one day.”

* Tipping Point: Lucky Stars is on Sunday (July 28th) on ITV1 at 7pm.

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