Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Air Ambulance in new TV documentary

One of the first patients to given a road-side blood transfusion by Kent, Surrey & Sussex Air Ambulance is to be featured in a new TV medical documentary next week (December 3rd).

Harry Leake, 9, suffered multiple life-threatening injuries after he was involved in a collision with a motorbike in Worthing.

He had to be given emergency treatment at the scene by Dr Richard Lyon and critical care paramedic Jon Sanders who carried out advanced medical procedures usually performed only in hospital.

Chief Pilot, Captain Nick Bramley then flew him to Southampton Hospital in just 14 minutes - a journey that could have taken almost an hour by road.

ITV’s Trauma: Level One shows Harry arriving in the resuscitation area of the major trauma centre where Dr Lyon catalogues his injuries and treatment at scene following the accident in April.

Life-saving charity Kent, Surrey & Sussex Air Ambulance launched its blood transfusion service in February in a move which is expected to benefit up to 100 patients a year.

Previously, the procedure could be carried out only in hospital or at scene using a saline-based solution.

* Trauma: Level One is on Tuesday, (December 3rd), at 10.35pm.


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