Monday, 3 March 2014

Air Ambulance in new TV documentary

Photo 1: Royal London Hospital medics assess Michael’s injuries with Air Ambulance paramedic Ben Macauley pictured in red.

Photo 2: Royal London A&E consultant and former Air Ambulance doctor Samy Sadek operates on Michael.

A motorcyclist airlifted to hospital by Kent, Surrey & Sussex Air Ambulance is to be featured in a new TV medical science documentary next week (March 11th).

BBC2’s An Hour To Save Your Life explores in forensic detail the dilemmas and innovations at the frontline of emergency medicine.

Following specialist clinicians as they respond to the most critical cases, the three-part series offers a unique insight into the minute-by-minute decisions that are made in the fight for life.

From the moment an emergency call is made, the expert medical attention a patient receives in the first hour is critical and can mean the difference between life or death.

An Hour To Save Your Life was filmed at the Royal London Hospital and Tuesday’s episode features an Air Ambulance patient called Michael who was critically injured in a high-speed road accident.

Boundless Productions Managing Director Patrick Holland said: “An Hour To Save Your Life highlights the very fragile line between life and death.

“For the very first time, viewers will see the chain of care put in place by the elite response units, showing in crystal clear detail how the action taken during the first 60 minutes of serious injury can alter the outcome of a patient’s life so dramatically.

“Our team is privileged to have witnessed first-hand the pioneering work administered to patients with life-threatening injuries every single day.” 

* An Hour To Save Your Life is on Tuesday (March 11th), on BBC2, at 9pm.

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