Friday, 23 May 2014

Marathon runner hits Great Wall for Air Ambulance

A Tunbridge Wells runner has successfully completed the Great Wall of China Marathon in a bid to raise £1,500 for Kent, Surrey & Sussex Air Ambulance.

Amanda Paver and a friend battled temperatures of 30 degrees to climb all 5,164 steps of the famous landmark on Saturday (May 17th).

The AXA PPP Healthcare worker finally crossed the finish line in 7hrs,15mins to complete her 15th and most gruelling marathon.

She said: “We were up at 3.50am for the race, the gun went off and so did we. It was finally happening after three years in the planning.

“We ran the first kilometre and a goat herd appeared on the course which was quite amusing, then we walked the next four kilometres to the wall.

“We got off the wall in two hours and were then running through all the villages where there were children giving us flowers and high fives.

“Much to our delight we made it to the cut-off point at 35kilometres where we were allowed to continue, then we were back up the wall.”

She added: “To say the first section was hard would be an understatement, you know it’s tough when you see grown men weeping.

“We came off the wall for the last five kilometres through to the finish to find all the guys from our tour group had waited for us so there were lots of hugs, congratulations and happiness that we had all made it.”

Amanda has to far raised £1,073 of her £1,500 target for the Air Ambulance charity and can still be sponsored at

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