Thursday, 27 November 2014

Survivors featured in TV medical documentary

Two patients airlifted by Kent, Surrey & Sussex Air Ambulance after a fall from a ladder and a motorbike crash, are to be featured in Channel 4’s 24 Hours in A&E next week (December 4th)

The Royal Television Society Award-winning documentary series continues from its new home at St George’s Hospital in London – one of Britain’s most advanced and busiest A&E departments.

Filmed around the clock by 104 cameras, the series captures dramatic and emotional stories of love, life and loss on the frontline of the NHS.

Next week’s episode of the new series tells the story of two trauma patients flown to the hospital in May following the opening of its new rooftop helipad.

Eric fell four metres from a ladder while cutting trees in his garden in the rain. He landed on his side, walked into the house and collapsed.

The air ambulance was called and the charity helicopter’s doctor and paramedic gave him emergency treatment at the scene in Banstead before flying him to St George’s in just four minutes.

The hospital’s trauma team carried out a CT scan to discover Eric’s internal injuries while Margaret, his wife of 50 years, arrived with their sons and grandson to be with him.

Margaret said: “I kept telling myself ‘everything will be OK’. I knew I couldn’t start getting too bad because then they’d all start crying so I had to sort of keep myself composed.”

Eric is a cobbler who made riding boots for the Queen. “That’s as high as you can go,” added proud Margaret proudly.

24 Hours in A&E also tells the story of motorcyclist Mihhail who collided with a bollard at high speed on the M25 at Orpington.

The 29-year-old IT consultant suffered thorax and abdominal injuries and had to be treated at the road-side by the air ambulance’s doctor and paramedic.

Within just nine minutes, he was flown to St George’s where he was taken straight down the elevator for a CT scan to look for any hidden injuries.

Doctors were concerned that he had very serious internal injuries including a laceration to his liver and performed a “code red” emergency blood transfusion due to the level of internal blood loss.

He was then transferred to the Intensive Care Unit while specialists decided how to repair the damage to his liver and how to stop his internal bleeding.

His girlfriend Joanne said: “That was the only day I didn’t say to him ‘ride safe’. If I’d said it I think he would have been OK.”

* 24 Hours in A&E is on Channel 4 on Thursday (December 4th) at 9pm. If you would like to find out more about the Air Ambulance or make a donation, please visit

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