Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Air Ambulance lottery canvassers

Photo: Kent, Surrey & Sussex Air Ambulance crew members pictured this week at the Redhill helicopter base

A retired railway worker has become the latest Kent, Surrey & Sussex Air Ambulance lottery winner to be signed by a door-to-door canvasser.

Former signalman Michael Holmes, 66, joined the life-saving charity’s lottery when a canvasser called at his home two years ago.

He thought nothing more of his £8-a-month subscription until his lucky numbers 2, 24, 35 and 36 came up in last Wednesday’s Superdraw

Michael, from Greatstone in Kent, was shocked when the air ambulance called to tell him he had won a grand total of £13,340.

He said: “I’ve always had a good feeling about the air ambulance and my wife and I feel it is an important part of society. It’s good to have them around so we’ve always supported them.

“When the canvasser came and knocked on our door we didn’t hesitate to sign up. If it wasn’t for him, we wouldn’t have joined.

“After we found out we’d won I dug out the paperwork for our membership and I wouldn’t even have chosen the random numbers I was given.”

“We’re delighted because this is the first time we’ve won anything. We usually buy raffle tickets at Christmas time to support various charities such as Animal Aid and the Lifeboats and we’ve won the odd £20 but not this much.”

Kent, Surrey & Sussex Air Ambulance’s Regular Lottery costs just £1 per week and there are 12 winners drawn each week with prizes ranging from £25 to £1,000.

For an extra £1 a week, players can join the Superdraw which has a maximum jackpot of £25,000 – a life-changing amount.

Air Ambulance Head of Donations and Membership Katie Eeles said: “Some people are quite surprised that we use door-to-door representatives to promote our lottery throughout Kent, Surrey and Sussex.

“However, they do not collect cash or take any donations whatsoever and Mr Holmes is just one of many winners who have signed up to the lottery at their home.”

Lottery canvassers are dressed in yellow high-visibility jackets, navy blue fleeces or navy blue polo shirts with “Air Ambulance” written on them.

They usually operate Monday to Friday between 10.30am and 8pm and sometimes at weekends and all of them carry picture identification cards.

A list of canvassers can be found at If necessary, further clarification can be obtained by calling the Air Ambulance Lottery Office on 01622 833833 during normal office hours.

For information on how to join the fundraising lottery go to

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