Monday, 26 January 2015

Switch, save and give as you live

Energy customers can save more than £140 by switching their suppliers and help raise funds for Kent, Surrey & Sussex Air Ambulance.

Householders can visit shopping and price comparison website Give as you Live and compare every available tariff from all UK suppliers to ensure they get the best deal.

By changing their gas and electricity provider they can make a free £17 donation to the air ambulance which relies almost entirely on public donations.

Just switching one utility supplier will result in an £8.50 donation for the life-saving charity which this year celebrates its 25th anniversary.

Director of Income Generation Lynne Harris said: “While energy costs may be going down, the cost of our operation has increased significantly in recent years with major developments of the service we provide.

“We therefore have to come up with new income streams and Give as You Live is simple and easy to raise funds for the air ambulance. It doesn’t cost you anything and it actually saves you money.”

A £17 donation to the air ambulance would buy almost two doses of a drug essential to suppress adverse heart rhythms. An £8.50 donation would pay for eight sheets of bubblewrap which is used to keep patients warm.

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