Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Off with the fuzz for police in charity wax

Photo, L-R: Dan Holdstock and Terry Vine

Two police officers are preparing for a wax off next week in a hair-raising bid to raise funds for Kent, Surrey & Sussex Air Ambulance.

Dan Holdstock and Terry Vine will be marking the end of Movember with a sponsored “Wax off Wednesday” on December 2nd.

The pair decided to have their chests waxed in a “moment of madness” and will be filmed as they lose their locks at the Hempstead House Hotel & Spa.

Dan, 34, said: “Unfortunately, we both have a healthy chest wig so it’s going to be painful with lots of expletives and passing out but we don’t mind going through a little pain for the greater good.

“I’ve been waxed before and it was extremely painful but that’s the lengths we go to for charity.

“The event will be filmed with a censored version and there will be before and after pictures. If you have seen the film The 40-year-old Virgin then you know what to expect.”

In the 2005 American comedy, Andy Stitzer’s work colleagues take him to have his chest waxed in a bid to finally woo a woman but he is left screaming and swearing in agony as a salon worker tears strips off him in the shape of a smiley face.

Dan and Terry have so far raised £120 and can be sponsored at

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